Water Soluble Hemp Extract

-Contains CBD, CBG and other Naturally Occurring Compounds.
-Customizable for Your Brand.
-Request a sample today.


It's never been easier to formulate your products with our proprietary extract

Full spectrum extract with accurate dosing for target compounds.

Specify quantity of desired compounds and easily blend our water soluble extract with your flavor sample.

Customize your flavor profile to desired mg’s of compounds..

HTST or tunnel pasteurization. Carbonated and non carbonated drinks. 

Whether your beverage is perishable or shelf stable for an extended time, our extract delivers. 

We work only with state licensed and regulated farms growing the finest hemp. Our hemp is tested in the field, at harvest, in our lab and with 3rd party certified labs.  All of this testing is archived and accessible to your consumers so they can be fully informed about your brand "farm to refrigerator."


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